PPCRV quick count ends

PPCRV quick count ends
Image source: newsinfo.inquirer.net

PPCRV received the highest number of 96.14% results of the clustered precincts of electronic-transmitted results to a transparency server since 2010 and decided to end the unofficial quick count to give way to the proclamation of winners in senatorial and party-lists races and to give way to the official count of NBOC (National Board of Canvassers on Monday.

"Since they are already proclaiming senators tomorrow, we deem it best to shut down our screens now to avoid any confusion pa because as I always tell you, this is unofficial. The official one will be based on the COCs (certificates of canvass), the NBOC," said PPCRV Media Director Ana Singson.

NBOC will canvass votes for president and vice president.

Quick count results:

Mayor Rody Duterte is still leading the presidential race with 15,970.018 votes as of 12:45PM, 18 May 2016. - CNN Philippines

While Rep. Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos is still head-to-head with 14,023,093 (Robredo) and 13,803,966 (Marcos) votes as of 12:45PM, 18 May 2016. - CNN Philippines

Let's wait for NBOC's official count on Monday, 23 May 2016 and check who will be the next vice president.


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