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DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has reminded his incoming Cabinet members to ensure that his administration would not be tainted with corruption or they would be answerable to him for their misdeeds.

Incoming Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said that Duterte gave the reminder during a three-hour meeting with his designated officials at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City Wednesday night.

Piñol also told the reporters yesterday that “We were told by the president that there should be no corruption, make sure there is no corruption. (He said) nobody from my family will interfere with your work, I’m giving you a free hand on the people you choose,”.

“But you are answerable to me for your misdeeds and for the people you have chosen,” he quoted Duterte as saying.

“We are accountable for every misstep we make. It was a very clear statement,” Piñol added.

It remains unclear what Duterte would do in the event his officials are found to be involved in corruption. Piñol, however, believes that Duterte would not hesitate to remove those who are guilty of wrongdoing.

Piñol said Duterte was serious but in a light mood when he presided over the meeting and he said “The president would relieve the entire department and city hall if one commits a wrongdoing. I think that’s still the same mindset,” the incoming agriculture chief said. “Nobody is indispensable. There are no (sacred) cows.”

“We are upbeat. We are happy. The president was very happy,” he said.

Last month, Duterte vowed to be harsh when it comes to corruption and has outlined bold measures to address the problem. 

He is planning to reshuffle personnel at the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs and Land Transportation Office, agencies that he described as the “most corrupt.” 

The tough-talking Duterte will also prohibit military and police officers from bringing along with them their staff in their next assignments to prevent payoffs.

He has also warned judges against issuing temporary restraining orders for a fee, a practice that he said had delayed important government projects.

While he was criticized for naming his classmates to key posts and for supposedly “recycling” officials from previous administrations, Duterte said his administration would be filled with “men of integrity and honesty.”.

Source: Philstar

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