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MANILA, Philippines – A Duterte tour package in Davao is now being drawn up as the DOT (Department of Tourism) and private sector collaborate to provide extensive information and remove misconceptions about the incoming president.

The Department of Tourism, Davao City tourism office and travel operators want a tour that will focus on the life and career of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

DOT-Davao region director Roberto Alabado III said that “We started conceptualizing to organize and package a tour that includes his life story, political highlights, policies, projects and even his home, following increased curiosity of people in Davao,”.

Alabado, who worked closely with the Duterte family, added that “People are curious and there’s a big interest in people to see who he is. We want to tell his story,”.

Duterte’s candidacy has raised awareness of Davao and his winning the presidency made the city an instant tourist destination.

“Before it was very hard to market Davao. But now, Duterte has provided an opportunity to showcase the place,” Alabado said.

He also said that hotel accommodations and flights are almost always fully booked and the supposed March-April peak season has been extended and sustained.

“He is definitely the number one promoter. Maybe, people are curious now on his anti-smoking campaign, liquor ban, peace and order and what do these really mean,” Alabado added.

With the increased attention, the whole Davao region is seen to catch up in terms of visitor arrivals for 2016, targeting more than three million visitors from the 2.8 million recorded last year.

Source: Philstar

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