Harambee (silverback gorilla) was Shoot to Death

Harambee (silverback gorilla) was shoot to death
Image Source: www.gossipheart.com

A more or less 400 pound endangered silverback gorilla named "Harambee" was shot to death Cincinnati Zoo officials a day after the 17th birthday of the poor gorilla in an incident happened last Saturday, 28 May 2016 when a 4 year old child got inside the cage of Harambee.

Most of the people are blaming the parents of the child as they must be the one who will be responsible in taking care of their child.

A witness, Kim O'Connor said that the child told her mother that he want to get in the water before she heard a splash in the water and others are yelling as the boy is already inside the cage.
This incident was treated by the zoo's animal response team as "Life threatening situation" that's why they decided to shoot Harambee than than tranquilize him. As the news trends in the social media, most of them conclude that it is a "murder".

In the video, you will see Harambee dragging the boy into the water and there's an instances that the boy start crying. However, you will also see that Harambee is like protecting the child again the people yelling at them.

In my own opinion, the zoo officials must exert all the efforts to get the child out of the cage first before they decided to end the life of the poor gorilla. Tranquilizing Harambee must be their option rather than kill him. My heart is very close to animals and i am saddened to know that this thing happened though the young boy was saved but a life of an innocent gorilla ended.

Source: ksnmedia.com

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