DAVAO CITY, Philippines - The President of AdDU (Ateneo de Davao University) told the Inquirer.net that the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s pro-poor stance and preference for the return of the death penalty is not something that can be reconciled.

Fr. Joel Tabora says that while he supports the Duterte administration’s pro-poor thrust, the incoming President’s insistence on the death penalty is a seeming contradiction.

In an interview in his office, Tabora told the Inquirer.net that “I think President Duterte really wants to go after crime. He wants people to respect the law. And as of now he is convinced that getting people to respect the law can be done by a death penalty, by the legislation of a death penalty,” 

“The Church has over and over again insisted that the death penalty is not the answer. And I think the Church and the Catholic university, like this, will try to convince him that this is not the answer,” Tabora said.

Tabora pointed out that Duterte will also have to deal with Congress, which is tasked to approve new laws.

“The Church I think will make its stance and say, in so many cases, the death penalty has been anti-poor because it normally kills not the rich but the poor. And sometimes erroneously. Many times because they cannot get legal assistance,” he argued.

“Congress will decide on the basis of Congress’ perception of the common good,” he added

In a long-hour interview of Inquirer.net to Tabora, he discussed the prospects of a Duterte government and how it would benefit Mindanao and bring about social justice.

Tabora said that among the problems that may be resolved by Duterte was the conflict in Mindanao, the exploitation of natural resources and the displacement of indigenous peoples.

Tabora explained that “I think everybody will benefit if the problems of peace in Mindanao is addressed. I think everybody will benefit also if the problems of indigenous peoples is also addressed. I think when we talk about indigenous peoples, we are to a great extent talking about our national heritage, our national soul,”.

As announced by our beloved President-elect Rodrigo Duterte that he will push for the return of the death penalty after it was abolished in 2006 by his predecessor former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Duterte also once said that perpetrators of heinous crimes such as robbery with homicide and rape should be killed by hanging, twice. However, the Catholic Church and the Commission on Human Rights have objected, saying it will not deter criminality.

The Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) called the plan anti-poor, saying that before the death penalty was abolished, 70 percent of death row inmates were poor and were allegedly wrongfully convicted.

It said the poor were more vulnerable because they did not have enough resources to hire good lawyers. They also have “no voice” and “no power.”

Source: Inquirer.net


  1. Hoy Tabora! you Catholic Priest has no more credibility as far as Morality and integrity is concern and your sexual abuse to children goes global and widespread in the Philippines alone and your coddling into graft and corruption with Government Official has no bounds. Your deceit is outpouring and your being a devil to threaten the Duterte Administration about a coup plot to destabilized the government created an an act of Satan in the eyes of the Filipino and the world. You better STOP talking against "Death penalty" because it is biblical thing and you don't have grounds to support as well as credibility to show to the Filipino People. You don't even respect the Philippine Constitution using or following the separation of State and Church so STOP even shoing your face because we the netizen is very tired of your HYPOCRISY AND FANATISM. Just get out!

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