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Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa said Monday that policemen should think of their safety during operations and not get distracted by the consequences of killing resisting criminals.

“Next time ayoko ng pulis na namamatay. Dapat ang kriminal ang mamatay, hindi tayo. 
'Pag kayo ay namatay walang taga-human rights na magpapakain sa mga anak ninyo, walang taga-human rights na magpapaaral sa mga anak ninyo,” Dela Rosa said in his speech before members of Calabarzon policemen police in Camp Vicente Lim in Laguna.

“Kaya you better stay alive. Bahala na ang kaso afterwards. Harapin n’yo ang kaso kung magkakakaso kayo pero ang mahalaga buhay kayo,” he added.

The PNP chief made the remark as he lauded Senior Police officer 1 Roberto Lacasa and Police Officer 1 Teddy delos Santos, who were wounded in anti-illegal drugs operations.

Lacasa was thrown out of a police car by a drug suspect who grabbed his gun while on their way to the precinct.

Dela Rosa promised to give the two police officers .45 caliber pistols. A policeman's standard issued firearm is a less powerful 9mm pistol.

“Dumaan lang kayo sa opisina ko, caliber .45 ako ibibigay ko sa inyo. Dapat marami tayong mapapatay na kriminal na lumalaban, pusher na lumalaban. Hindi yung ikaw ang tinutulak sa sasakyan, siya dapat ang mabagok sa semento,” he said.

He added that armed criminals should not be given a chance to fire at police officers.

“Kung pupunta kayo sa raid, bibigyan n’yo ng chance na makalaban, alam n'yong armado? 'Wag kayong magpapapatay sa kanila. 'Wag na wag kayong magpabaya na kayo ay mamatay. Walang magpapakain sa anak n’yo, walang magpapaaral. You better stay alive,” he said.

Dela Rosa, however, clarified that he is not encouraging police officers to violate the suspects' human rights.

“Hindi ko kayo ini-encourage na mag-violate ng human rights ha. We have to do our job based on the police procedures, according to the rule of law, dahil dyan nila tayo sinisita. Pero kahit anong sita ang gagawin nila sa atin, once na meron tayong ebidensya, anong magawa nila? It is our mandate to stop the drug menace. We do our job,” he said.

In the two-day Senate hearing on drug-related killings, Dela Rosa assured senators that the PNP does not condone extrajudicial killings.

The PNP chief, meanwhile, reiterated his warning against erring police officers.

“Kung kayo ay gumawa ng katinuan at kabutihan, kasama n'yo ako, hindi ko kayo iiwan hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan. Umabot man kayo sa langit o impyerno hindi ko kayo iiwan. Pero kung kayo ay para sa masama tulad ng mga pulis na nagri-recycle ng droga hindi ko kayo sasamahan, ihahatid ko kayo sa impyerno,” he said.

“Kaya please kung meron sa inyo na despite of what is happening right now, na patuloy na gumagawa nang ganun, please maawa kayo, talagang ipapahinto ko kayo kung ayaw n'yong mahinto,” Dela Rosa added.

Source: GMA News


  1. Principles make the goal be happen
    ..fronting row the priest and chr on drug busting,no guns ,pr sils mapatay sa raid,takte

  2. oo tama ka lang Sir Bato....we must support the PNP who are working to protect us civilians... you know better in solving our own problems in the country than those who have problems with criminals dying. Let us not be distracted by the human rights movements lalo sa nga galing outside our country.

    1. Tama po kayo Sir! Patuloy po nating supportahan si Sir Bato at ang kanyang magandang adhikain para sa bansa natin.

  3. Yes. The police officer should defend and protect himself from violent criminals. They have to be ready to kill if their lives are threatened. ONLY If their very lives are threatened. And how many police officers are there when they are trying to apprehend a suspected drug pusher or addict? Six or a dozen police officers vs. one suspect? And they cannot apprehend him without using deadly force? What happened to their training? Are they allowed to just shoot a fleeing suspect? And not try to capture him first. Especially if he is unarmed? They cannot subdue an unarmed suspect who is resisting arrest? So, his police officers are not trained in hand to hand combat? Are they only trained how to use a firearm? And his order was to immediately shoot him? And he does not consider this excessive? An over-kill? This PNP chief is nothing but a trigger happy guy. A stone-cold killer wearing a badge and a uniform. He probably thinks he is Wyatt Earp, or Dirty Harry.


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